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Dedicated Server RANT!

Well it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on my blog. Work has been keeping me dead busy and this vps (netbsd) has also been keeping me on my toes.

my rant today is about a dedicated server provider called who I was told they are really good. I purchased a €22 a month server (which they resell from ovh) and had to wait 3days for delivery when it’s instant if I purchase directly from ovh? makes senses to me. After being away from home I was unable to install much due to no computer, upon on return today I requested IPMI access to install debian (yeah java didn’t like me) which failed so I clicked reinstall via control panel and opted for CentOS and after 90 minutes it hasn’t reinstalled and no my server is offline.

The support is very slow (around 11hrs for a response) which is absolutely shocking. I’m debating if they will issue a refund or open a dispute on PayPal. If you are after a budget server I would avoid and choose

Goodbye Raspberry Pi’s

well it’s been a very long time since i’ve even blogged, in fact the last time it was with regards to FreeBSD breaking and swapping to arch linux. The raspberry Pi 4 continued to perform really well however i decided to treat myself for Christmas and purchased a lenovo thinkcentre m72e tiny from ebay for £35. It come with 320GB hdd and 4GB of ram and an i3 processor

Upon arrival, i was faced with an issue straight away and it required a male to male VGA cable to use for a monitor (HDMI don’t exist) so jumped on ebuyer paid £12 for one which arrived and was male to female. I didn’t have the time to send back, so i lost £12 and decided to look local to me. Screwfix to the rescue and was £8 however due to Christmas it was delayed and was ready on the 29th December i was very excited.

Plugged it all in, installed Debian (Network Install) and after reboot i was greeted with Error 1962: No Operating System Found and after sometime or more like 6 hours trying i gave up and accepted defeat. I continued to read up on the error more and people mentioned about turning secure boot off in bios (wasn’t an option) and others mentioned the UEFI boot manager missing ” Windows Boot Manager ” after more in depth investigation and a 12 hour night shift the following day i downloaded and installed windows 7. Surprise Surprise it booted to desktop and work as it should, so thought lets try Debian again knowing if it fails we can revert to windows 7 again and do more investigation.

It worked, Debian installed and now running KVM which is running 2 x vps for now. This website is on one vps running Debian 10.x and my local network DNS server is running on a very small (128Mb ram) netbsd vps

Next reboot is planned when i order more ram and potentially power UPS, anyways 2:17am and i’m off to work 🙁

Broken FreeBSD

Well that didn’t go to plan and a simple what I thought upgrade ended up breaking my entire OS. I had some spare time so thought I’d run pkg upgrade on my freebsd raspberry pi 3b+ hosting and all packages upgraded without any drama. Sweet? no far from.

It started with nginx not starting, then upon inspection it complained about openssl mismatch. It was saying I was running an older version yet pkg upgrade supplied a newer version?? 🤔 by this time I was puzzled and running out of ideas. was offline and I needed to act pretty fast, so rather than risk breaking FreeBSD for the second time I installed Archlinux on the same SD card.  Install went really well, after installation of Nginx/php/mysql/wordpress i noticed the performance  was worse than FreeBSD.  I attempted to swap to the Raspberry Pi 4 however failed to boot so thought i’d reinstall ArchLinux using the RPi 4.

Here we are running Arch on the Raspberry Pi 4 and performance is brilliant, I need to look into what causes the FreeBSD problem on my spare Raspberry Pi