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Broken FreeBSD

Well that didn’t go to plan and a simple what I thought upgrade ended up breaking my entire OS. I had some spare time so thought I’d run pkg upgrade on my freebsd raspberry pi 3b+ hosting and all packages upgraded without any drama. Sweet? no far from.

It started with nginx not starting, then upon inspection it complained about openssl mismatch. It was saying I was running an older version yet pkg upgrade supplied a newer version?? ūü§Ē by this time I was puzzled and running out of ideas. was offline and I needed to act pretty fast, so rather than risk breaking FreeBSD for the second time I installed Archlinux on the same SD card.¬† Install went really well, after installation of Nginx/php/mysql/wordpress i noticed the performance¬† was worse than FreeBSD.¬† I attempted to swap to the Raspberry Pi 4 however failed to boot so thought i’d reinstall ArchLinux using the RPi 4.

Here we are running Arch on the Raspberry Pi 4 and performance is brilliant, I need to look into what causes the FreeBSD problem on my spare Raspberry Pi