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Dedicated Server RANT!

Well it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on my blog. Work has been keeping me dead busy and this vps (netbsd) has also been keeping me on my toes.

my rant today is about a dedicated server provider called who I was told they are really good. I purchased a €22 a month server (which they resell from ovh) and had to wait 3days for delivery when it’s instant if I purchase directly from ovh? makes senses to me. After being away from home I was unable to install much due to no computer, upon on return today I requested IPMI access to install debian (yeah java didn’t like me) which failed so I clicked reinstall via control panel and opted for CentOS and after 90 minutes it hasn’t reinstalled and no my server is offline.

The support is very slow (around 11hrs for a response) which is absolutely shocking. I’m debating if they will issue a refund or open a dispute on PayPal. If you are after a budget server I would avoid and choose