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General Shit

stressful few months

So following on from my previous post regarding my Dedicated and shower of shit provider, i decided to go back to WholesaleInternet and purchased a Dual Xeon 5150 with 120GB SSD + 1TB SATA with 16GB DDR Ram for a whopping $15 a month. I’ve used WSI on and off for many years and the service hasn’t really let me down, yes they’ve had the odd outage here and there. I can’t complain with just $15 a month or can i? So after 2 months my server was running perfectly fine till on the 5th July i got a notification stating kvm was offline. I waited it out for around 1 hour to see if it was another WSI moment, but it obviously was something a little more serious. Storm over the DC took out power and fucked the backup generator, you can read about it here. It was around 48 hours it took for my server to return, some people wasn’t lucky enough and hardware failed. You get what you pay for i guess? The service has been rock solid since though. *smiles*

AlpineLinux – i have been introduced to this tiny OS by Blosh on IRC. I must admit, it’s very lightweight and very easy to install shit. I think it was using 256mb storage with the OS, nginx and php8 and around 68mb of ram. I mean wow, if you can find a very small cheap VPS with poor specs. Get AlpineLinux installed and let the funtimes roll 🙂 debating switching this VPS from NetBSD to AlpineLinux but seem’s to much hassle at the moment.

Next blog, will be in 45930 hours or 3 months. Whichever is closest